RELY performs reliability analyses of engineering structures modelled by finite elements. Reliability assessment is an alternative to the partial safety factor method, which is more flexible, optimal and can handle situations for which safety factors are not available or meaningful. It also provides sensitivity measures that account for the uncertainty in input parameters and the non-linearity of models. The reliability analysis tools implemented in RELY are based on state-of-the-art probabilistic methods, and are in full compliance with Annex C of Eurocode 0.

The engineering system employed in RELY can be expressed using the full capabilities of the SOFiSTiK finite element solvers. You can use the flexibility of SOFiSTiK and its parametrized input options to arbitrarily tailor limit-state functions to match your needs. The seamless integration of RELY within SOFiSTiK gets rid of spurious interface problems and allows you to focus on your actual task: Adopting consistent models for both structural analysis and reliability assessment.

RELY can be particularly useful to assess the safety of:

existing structures
structures not covered by the codes
precast concrete elements
cost-efficient design of expensive structures

Illustration of the First Order Reliability Method (FORM)

Additional information about RELY is available:

RELY is developed by Eracons and distributed by SOFiSTiK.

   SOFiSTiK Online Presentation: Sensitivity Analysis with RELY

In this webinar we show how to perform a sensitivity analysis with RELY. Please note that the webinar is given in German.

   SOFiSTiK Webinar: RELY

The following video tutorial explains the basics of performing a reliability analysis with the SOFiSTiK module RELY.

Main features of RELY
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