Our software product STRUREL is the indispensable tool for effective and safe engineering computations. It is one of the most complete collections of software modules for probabilistic modeling in structural engineering. The software offers state-of-the-art numerical methods for structural reliability analysis. STRUREL was founded at the Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen (TUM) and has been developed and tested for more than 30 years. Users of STRUREL include a number of international leading companies in structural, geotechnical and mechanical engineering.

STRUREL is a modularized software package. The main modules of STRUREL are:

for component reliability analysis
for system reliability analysis
for time-variant reliability analysis

Strurel offers a large selection of available distribution models. For modeling dependence between random variables, the user can choose between the Nataf distribution model and the Rosenblatt transformation.

Illustration of Subset Simulation

If you are interested in STRUREL, please visit the program's web site:

  Strurel Video Tutorial: Part 1

The following video tutorial explains some of the basics of reliability analysis.

  Strurel Video Tutorial: Part 2

The following video tutorial explains the basics of performing a reliability analysis with the STRUREL module COMREL.

Selected features of Strurel
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